Commercial Automobile Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance – Read the definition of commercial auto insurance and more

Through commercial auto insurance, you can cover your company vehicles in the same way you cover your personal cars. When looking for a commercial auto insurance you can start getting free quotes ASAP through a siteĀ like this.

The purpose is to protect your money and your asset vehicles in case of accidents. If a vehicle on your personal insurance has an accident while it is being used for business purposes, it may not be covered; for that reason, you will have to purchase both personal and commercial policies. If you do something underhanded – say, place a vehicle used for your business on your personal policy – you could be criminally charged with misrepresentation.

There is different coverage for commercial auto insurance just like personal auto insurance. There are multiple policies available for a commercial coverage just like personal including liability, collision/comprehensive, personal injury (or medical payments coverage), and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Most personal vehicles are also used for business purposes. On vehicles owned by a business, the name of the business need to be listed on the policy as the “principal insured” instead of the name of the individual to avoid confusion in case you need to file a claim or a claim is being filed against you.

Make sure to have plenty of information about the types of coverage that are available so you can make an informed choice. To help make you make the right decisions you should talk to your insurance agent. You should definitely ask about cars, trucks, and other vehicles used for business. Also, you should discuss coverage for rented or employee-owned vehicles when they are used for your business. Your agent, if he is doing his job, will ask you about the details of your vehicles’ use, operators, and ownership.

A business auto policy is not the same as a personal auto policy in many technical aspects, even though the major policies are the same as previously mentioned. Ask the agent to explain all the ins and outs of the commercial insurance policies that are available, and what he recommends for your company’s needs.

InĀ purchasing your company’s commercial automobile insurance program, take into consideration the following factors: high quality, affordability, and adequate and reliable protection for designated individuals, properties, partnerships and corporations.

Make sure that the insurance provider you choose has active local independent agents or brokers to serve you. Seek out companies that have multiple recommendations based on customer service, to make sure you get the best response to your needs. Check the commercial auto insurance policy offered to you to make sure it meets your company’s coverage needs and compare its pricing to similar offers from other carriers.

Look for commercial auto insurance providers that can handle claims properly, underwrite, and take care of special customer needs well; also make sure the company is stable financially and highly rated. Needless to say, these ratings must be trustworthy.