General Commercial Liability

Affordable General Liability and Property Insurance Coverage

You might be surprised to learn that many small – and medium-sized businesses are in a business class the insurance carriers describe as “low risk.” If your business is in this category, you are eligible to purchase a low-cost package of policies – known as a Business Owner’s Policy, or BOP — that includes the most important types of commercial insurance:

  • Commercial general liability insurance coverage (protection from claims of property damage or bodily injury)
  • Property insurance (to protect physical assets)
  • Under certain conditions, a BOP may also cover the lost income and expenses that a business owner incurs

Many professional services companies qualify for this valuable, low-cost protection. To find out if your business meets the criteria for a BOP, complete this short application. We’ll typically respond by e-mail within 24 hours (we won’t bother you with a phone call, but feel free to call us and ask questions).

How a BOP protects you and your business

Your general liability insurance protects the people close to your business

What costs does the general liability policy cover?

What general liability insurance coverage protection can provide

Do you need other insurance in addition to a BOP?

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